About Us

I am Nikki Truong. My Vietnamese name is Quynh Nhu (pronounced “queen new”). I am the lead Wedding Specialist and owner of Quynh Nhu Celebrations. My perfectionist personality does not allow me to accept anything beyond perfection. Therefore, you will see me working right up to the start of events to refine the event and all that it encapsulates.

I am Debbra Truong. My Vietnamese name is Quynh Nhi. I am our Creative Marketing Director and Boutonnière Expert.

We both want to create perfect, beautiful, and worry-free events for our clientele. We understand the stress and worry that comes with planning a major event like a wedding. On the actual day, most brides, grooms and their family are not able to enjoy the beautiful day. Our goal is to rid all of stress as to give our clientele the day they greatly deserve.